How to Implement Advanced Queuing in your custom Oracle Apps?

   Step by Step guide on creating Queue Table, En-queuing, De-queuing, Subscribing PL/SQL to Queue etc.,

    This is the best link for implementing AQ. This uses PL/SQL for both queuing and de-queuing. 
    (a) While creating the Queue table, Multi user option must be set to TRUE, for any multi-user scenarios. 
    (b) Commit is a must for both En-queuing and De-queuing (which are considered a Transaction).

2) Reference Link: 
    On creating a Message Type, Queue table with the Message Type, En-queuing, Subscribe to Queue, De-queuing: ,

3) Just an additional info: 
    Demo - Advanced Queuing with Oracle Forms 11g:

4) Link to PL/SQL AQ based packages:
Interfaces to Advanced QueuingYou can access Advanced Queuing functionality through the following interfaces:

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